Surf City Marathon 2016

Date: 02/07/16

Marathon #13

Race Name: Surf City Marathon

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Official Race site:

The full course includes a bacon station....serving freshly cooked bacon! I didn't eat any but I took advantage of the perfect giant bacon selfie opportunity!

This was my third year running Surf City! In 2014 I ran the Half Marathon...when I finished I realized I wanted the BIGGER surfboard finisher medal. In 2015 I ran the Full Marathon and not only earned that bigger surfboard but also had an epic PR with my first and only sub 4 hour marathon! So I signed up for the Full again for 2016 and hoped for a new PR....this is what happened...

I knew I had to lose weight so I cleaned up my diet on December 1st! I lost 10 lbs but that wasn't enough...I have 15-20 more pounds to lose to get to where I was before I jumped on the fun carb wagon back in 2013. Also, for those of you that follow my journey I didn't train with any long distance runs...what you see on my IG feed and in this blog is what I run...

Race morning, all is good, no injuries and I'm well rested. My plan is to run with the 3:50 pacers and hope for the best. I started with the pacers and everything was perfect. I was keeping up without a problem, I even stayed on track while running the few hills on the course which says a lot for me lol.

A marathon is a very long distance. Your mind will play games and test your sanity. There were times of doubt and times of confidence. I was proud to be running with a group of about 12 runners, all in formation...I felt like a professional runner lol.

Mile 12.5 - I start feeling the sun on my face, it's getting this point I began to worry. Stay with them Richard, stay with them!

Mile 13.5 - I went from gazelle to turtle! I literally couldn't run fast anymore. I was done! Game over! My legs were shot!

Mile 13.6-26.2 - turtle pace....I even drank 3 mini cups of cold beer that was offered on the course to help with numbing my mind and my experience....I was hot, I was slow, I was out there for much longer than I expected. It took me more than 5 hours to finish.

The marathon is a wildcard for me. I just don't know how my body will react. I take some of this responsibility - I should weigh less and I should train with long runs. 

During the run I kept telling myself "I hate marathons" - the struggle was not only real, it was making me very unhappy. I told myself I wouldn't sign up for fulls again and regretted having more in my 2016 calendar.

Fast forward to present day....although I told myself I would sign up for the half next year, part of me is thinking I should go for the full again. (insert emoji of monkey covering eyes here) - something tells me I'll sign up for the full again. We shall see....

My flat runner!

Race morning with Laurie aka @kidtigger - this was her first Marathon!

Giant beard sandwich! Felipe aka @sattlertime on the right.

Although I wasn't having my best race, the views were nothing to complain about!

Gear used for this race:

Running Shoes: HOKA ONE ONE Clifton2

Shirt: lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve

Shorts: lululemon Surge

Compression socks: CEP

Gels: Huma Gel