Hot Dogs, Strawberry Shortcake And Bling! Oh My!

Half Marathon #94

July 4, 2015

The Foot Traffic FLAT Half

Sauvie Island, OR

The start of the race...everyone anxious to beat the heat! 

The Foot Traffic FLAT half and full marathon happens yearly on the fourth of July in Sauvie Island, OR. Participants were warned about hot weather in the forecast...sure enough it was toasty out there. Yours truly signed up for the half marathon while others were thirsty for 26.2 miles.

The course was in fact flat! This is a great PR course if weather permits. This is not a course that offers thousands of people cheering for you...however, I really appreciated seeing the farms, the land, the water surrounding the island and the big trees on the second half of the course that offered priceless shade.

The race organizers put together a good event. Plenty of aid stations offering water, electrolytes and one of the stations had boxes of gels for runners to take.

Half and Full participants were given the same medal - very nice bling that was worth the sweat out on the course. After crossing the finish line every runner had the option of enjoying both a hot dog (veggie dogs too) and a piece of strawberry shortcake. Yuuummm! After a long run I really appreciated both of those treats.

Overall a great experience. Would I run this again? Yes! I just need to 4th of July to land on a Saturday again so I can travel without taking any time off from work. 


No bands in this course...but the backdrop ain't too shabby...

Well hello there...

Beautiful wheat fields...but that sun...

Congrats to Devon and Brandon! They finished their first half today!

Boom! That finish line finalizes my 94th half marathon!

Congrats to Sean (IG @runoregon) for completing the full & Brittani (IG @brittaniyost) for completing her first half!

I was starving after the race...this hot dog hit the spot!

Strawberry shortcake? Yes please!

I was at the finish line for a while cheering finishers! Some runners had family at the finish line ready to hand over pets or kids for the final stretch!

Running with the U.S. flag - very appropriate for this race!

While at the finish line I saw a runner that was carried to the finish line. The heat seemed to get the best of her. She was given medical attention - I hope she is ok.

The Bling!!!