1 CATHOLIC NUN + 1 GIANT BEAN + 13.1 MILES = #mividaloca

Date: 07/19/15

Half Marathon #96

Race Name: Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half

Location: Chicago, IL

I wasn't kidding about the nun :-) Bless her for being out there in that outfit...the heat was not forgiving even for the holy chosen ones ;-)

For those of you that think cramming 50+ races in a calendar year while having a professional job that requires most of my time is easy....it isn't...don't let the pictures fool you... I sacrifice a lot for the few moments that make my trips worth it!

Due to work being crazy I changed my flight late last week to a later departure on Saturday...then a delayed flight got me into the Chicago Midway Airport after 1:30am...baggage claim delays...taxi ride...my hotel which I checked into online gave my room away due to overbooking and a system glitch...I'm redirected to a different hotel which is no longer close to the start line...after everything was said and done I didn't get to bed until after 3:00am....my alarm was set for 4:30am! I closed my eyes but never really went into a deep sleep. I think I got 30-45 minutes worth of sleep? "Everything is Awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team!" <-- I wake up to the Lego Movie Soundtrack....I'm not kidding, that is the alarm on my phone...it works.

4:30am I'm up, I shower, I'm dressed, I Uber my way to the start line! Good morning Chicago! Good morning runners! Good morning 80 degree hot and humid weather??? What! How is it 80 degrees at 6:00am!?!?!

Bib on! Let's get this run done because I'm already melting in this heat! I ran this race back in 2013 and it was hot and humid that day as well...but it was worse this time.

Race starts in 20 minutes!!! Everyone pretend the weather is perfect and that you are excited to run!

Here we goooooooooooo! I don't think the guy on the far left wanted to be in my pic :-|

Karla - you win! Your running pose made me crack up! :-)

The course:

Flat! Flat! Flat! Chicago offers a flat course that is great for PR's...when it isn't hot and humid :-) Aside from the bad weather, it is a blast running through this amazing city! The pictures speak for themselves!

These are my favorite pics from the race:

I love this pic! I can't wait to be 90 years old in a retirement home showing these pictures off to my retirement home friends! :-)


The view above me... 

Hello Chicago! 

That reflection! 

The giant RnR Rocker!!! 

Meb out on the course cheering runners on after he finished the race!  

Finishing half marathon number 96! Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus! 

So happy that race is over! :-) 

We just ran 13.1 miles....let's jump in front of The Bean 12 times until we get a good shot! :-D

This pic will be printed and framed! Look at the reflection on The Bean!  @runtrimom on the left and @thecookierunner on the right 

Great to finally met @nycsweat ! Twinsiiiiies! :-) 

The bling:

I must say...I kinda like it. 


Post race snacks/meal:

Standard big race treats - I saw bagels, water, gatorade, bananas, protein bars...I saw also some people eating popsicles...

blingwhore's thoughts:

This was my 5th RnR race this year! I'm halfway to my 2015 RnR goal...10 races to earn the Gold Record Bonus Heavy Medal. If all goes as planned the 10th race will be in December, San Antonio, TX. Competitor Group puts on a great race considering how big their events are. They have a lot of experience and their races seem to get better over the years.

Participant Shirt!

Gear used for this race:

Running Shoes: HOKA ONE ONE Clifton

Shirt: lululemon Metal Vent Short Sleeve

Shorts: lululemon Surge 5”

Compression socks: 2XU

Gels: VFuel

Sport Camera: GoPro HERO4 Black

Selfie Stick: GoScope Clutch