Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio 10K and Half Marathon

Date: 12/05/15-12/06/15

Half Marathon #109

Race Name: Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio 10K & Half Marathon

Location: San Antonio, TX

1 weekend, 2 races, 4 medals...

Here we are, my 10th and final Rock 'n' Roll race weekend in 2015. Back in 2013 I ran 10 RnR half marathons to get the Rock Idol Heavy Medal. In the beginning of this year as I put together my 2015 race calendar I saw the opportunity to run 10 RnR races and earn the Gold Record Heavy Medal. I realize my pictures showing smiles and bling make this journey look isn't. 

Balancing my professional life with my race well as everything else that comes with what we call "life" is not easy. There is always sacrifice as my job demands excessive hours. I had some close calls this year that almost kept me from reaching 10 RnR races.

I landed in San Antonio Friday December 4th close to midnight! I got up early on Saturday, picked up by 10K bib, met up with Andrea Hall and got the party started with the first race of the weekend! Right after the race I picked up my half marathon bib at the expo which was close to the 10K finish line.

On Sunday morning I ran my last 13.1 2015 RnR miles! The course had some hills after mile 6, but it was great to tour San Antonio on foot! Finish line in sight....collect bling...mission complete!

My aggressive race schedule and the rest of my life make it difficult to appreciate my personal accomplishments. It is bonus medals like the Gold Record Heavy Medal that help remind me of what I have done in a year...those goals that were once dreams...become reality in the form of a heavy shiny medal to hang on my neck.

Thank you Competitor Group for my 2015 Rock 'n' Roll tour...see you next year.

Moments before the 10K with Andrea Hall

The start of the half marathon.

Half Marathon finisher's medal.

Rock 'n' Roll REMIX Challenge medal (10K + 13.1)

She is bigger than my face... :-)